EV Charging Systems

With more and more vehicles becoming environmentally friendly, electrical vehicle charging enables you to charge your car and reduce pollution damage to the environment. Electric vehicles can be seen on hundreds of roads across the country and will continue to be an important part of the future. SBE Electrical and Security understands it is not always easy to locate a charging station. We can offer an EV Charge Point Installation System so that you can charge your vehicle from home, saving you time and inconvenience when you’re on the road.
For any of your EV charging requirements in Leeds and West Yorkshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch! One of our expert Electricians will be happy to assist.

Electrical Maintenance Service

Every household will have electrical appliances, be it Televisions, Washing Machine, Electric Cookers, Lighting and Plug Sockets. At some point throughout their lifetime, you will experience damage, general wear and tear or faults that do not necessarily require replacements of the appliances. Our Electrical Maintenance Service in Leeds offers one of our fully qualified, expert electricians to visit your home and service your appliances saving you the unnecessary expense and inconvenience of having to buy brand new. 

SBE Electrical and Security also offer a rewiring and maintenance service. Not only will this help with the longevity of your appliances, but the service will also ensure that your current wiring systems are safe and up to date. You will also be maintaining the safety and health of your plug sockets and electrical switches.
Another important aspect to consider when it comes to electrical appliances in your homes is safety. By regular service and maintenance, you will be keeping yourself and your family safe from unexpected dangers such as electric shocks and potential electrical fires. 

So, for all your service and maintenance needs, please contact one of our professional and fully qualified electricians and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

LED Lighting Services 

SBE Electrical and Security Services offer LED lighting to replace your existing set-up. and here are some of the reasons why we recommend this service.

LED is so much more efficient than regular light bulbs or halogen, they use a lot less energy and last years longer. LED will also reduce your carbon admissions. LED Lighting will give a crisper and higher quality ambience to the room in your home or business, and even reduce the number of bulbs used

You can change the colour of the LED bulbs if you have a remote-controlled bulb. This is also great if creating a sensory room. 

LED bulbs can be connected to modern devices like Alexa and HomePod etc if you have a LED smart bulb, so you can turn your lights on and off using your electrical devices.

It is important to have an annual inspection in order to maintain the highest quality illumination of LED lights. Our team of experts will carry out a full inspection of connections, checking for signs of corrosion or overheating of lights. During these inspections we will also check the efficiency of switches and controls, ensuring they are in perfect working order. 

For our LED Lighting Services in and around Leeds, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Electrical Inspection and Testing Services

All homes and businesses will require regular comprehensive electrical inspections of various connections and wiring within the property. These routine inspections will prevent hazards such as fire, injuries and death.
Carrying out an electrical inspection has many benefits. If you have old electrical wiring, this will pose a potential fire hazard.
One of our professional Electricians will carry out an inspection of all your wiring. We recommend arranging an inspection yearly, therefore preventing future problems and also giving our customers peace of mind.
We also suggest having one of our experts inspect your electrical wiring if you have recently renovated your home and added new appliances, moved into a new property, have flickering lights, fuses trip often or if you notice corrosion, rust or water close to any electrical sockets.
If you require an annual Electrical Inspection in or around Leeds and West Yorkshire, please contact us for further advice.

Electrical Installation Services

SBE Electrical and Security in Leeds are a reputable electrical engineering company. We carry out electrical services within your home and business.
Have you recently moved home and require extra sockets, new rewiring, or perhaps you are installing the latest multimedia system? We can assist.
All works will be carried out by a qualified professional electrician to ensure the safety standards are met. Our electrical contractors carry out any job no matter how big or small and will provide a safety certificate once the works are completed.
If you find yourself with a domestic electrical emergency, and need an emergency electrician in and around Leeds, we have a team of experts on hand to help.
Please contact us for further information.

Energy Saving Solution Services Air Source Heat Pumps

SBE Electrical and Security pride ourselves on our energy-saving services. We supply and maintain Air Source Heat Pumps. Our Air Source Heat Pumps work differently from regular heating systems within the home. They absorb heat from the outdoors. The heat then circulates at a low temperature into fluid and passes through the compressor that gradually increases the temperature. The energy that is created can then be efficiently used to power underfloor heating, radiators, air convectors and your hot water supplies.
Air Source Heat Pumps do not tend to require a service as regular as traditional boilers. However, throughout winter your system may need to run continually to ensure your property is efficiently heated at all times.
For more information on our Air Source Heat Pumps and services in Leeds, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Electrical Safety Certificates

Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant or landlord, by law you will require regular electrical safety certificates.
Every year you will need to carry out electrical safety checks around the home to obtain a safety certificate or report. These documents will point to all of the checks undertaken by the electrician and will recommend any future improvements that need to be made.
An electrical safety certificate will show any potential safety risks, ensure electrical circuits are not overloaded and will also confirm that all earthing and bonding has been checked thoroughly.
As of 2020, it became law that all landlords are responsible and obliged to have any of their rental properties inspected at least every five years.
SBE Electrical and Security are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us if you require an electrical safety certificate in and around Leeds or West Yorkshire.

Fault Finding and Electrical Repairs

SBE Electrical and Security are experts in finding electrical faults in your home and repairing them to a high standard. It may be that you have damaged plug sockets, faulty wiring or need repairs carried out to your lighting. Our fully qualified electricians will repair these faults to the highest standard quickly and efficiently.
SBE electricians will not only repair existing wiring and appliances, but we will also make suggestions on how you can upgrade to the latest, more complex wiring, fusing and cabling.
For peace of mind and to ensure the safety of the entire family, please contact us for all of your fault finding and electrical repairs in and around Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Fuse Boards and Consumers Unit Upgrades

Every home will have a fuse board also be known as a consumer unit. The fuse board has three main elements that distribute electricity around your property. These are known as the main switch, circuit breakers, fuses and residual current devices.
The main switch is what allows you to shut off the entire electricity supply to your home. The residual current device is for emergency situations that will disconnect circuits from your supply should a dangerous fault occur. Circuit breakers will automatically switch off a circuit should a fault be detected.
SBE Electrical and Security understands the importance of having a fully functional fuse box/consumer unit. We offer fuse board upgrades in and around Leeds and West Yorkshire. We will visit your property and inspect your current consumer unit and advice on how you can upgrade, ensuring you have the latest up to date efficient unit.
For further information on how we can assist, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A full rewiring usually only happens when the majority of electrics are either faulty, at risk of an electrical fire, or you reside in a very old home. This is normally carried out in an empty property but a homeowner can remain in the home and use temporary sockets through a new consumer unit.
When you have a new building, whether it be an outhouse or extension that runs electricity, you may still require new wiring to be installed. A house rewiring service can take up to 10 days, depending on the sizes of rooms and property.
SBE Electrical and Security offers a full rewiring service around Leeds and West Yorkshire. Should you have any questions regarding the rewiring of your property, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Security Lighting

Every homeowner should have peace of mind when they are away from home. There are several security devices that you can use to warn off intruders in your absence or whilst you are sleeping. Security lighting is an effective solution that will alert you to movement or unusual activity outside your home.
SBE Electrical and Security have a trusted team of electrical engineers in Leeds. Security lighting can come in several forms. For example, you may opt for a security light on your front door that can be installed with a motion sensor light and/or thermal system that detects body heat. Another option would be security lights in your back garden. This choice is particularly popular among households that back onto fields and other open spaces.
Keeping up with the latest technology, SBE Electrical and Security offer a new range of smart lighting control systems. These allow you to connect to your phone, Alexa and Apple devices making your security system easily assessable and ensuring you are able to be more vigilant than ever!
For a more detailed list of our security services in West Yorkshire, please contact us, and we will answer any questions you may have.